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We take great pride in the work we do. From the projects we’ve been able to lead, to the ones we are honored to be a part of; we work hard to ensure that the finished product is newsworthy. We are extremely grateful to the publications who have chosen to highlight the expertise and craftsmanship of PRG. You can find a collection of our latest news updates and press coverage below. We hope you enjoy reading about our projects as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

Luxe cover

Luxe Interiors + Design Feature

Pick up the latest issue of Luxe Interiors + Design to see the featured home we built in Big Sky, Montana. We are honored to have worked with great partners on this project like Locati Architects & Interiors and Envi Design. This is very exciting for all of us at PRG Group.

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2018 home cover

2018 Big Sky Journal Home

When it comes to designing a house in Montana, one guiding principle stands above all others: You have to consider the views. After all, what’s the point of living in Big Sky Country if, even on the coldest day in February, you can’t look out the window and be reminded why this is, as they say, the Last Best Place?

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2016 home cover

2016 Big Sky Journal Home

Ask Bill Collins to name his favorite feature of his family’s newly built Big Sky, Montana, home — aside from the garage, which is more like an immaculate, state-of-the-art man cave — and he’ll admit that it’s the outdoor shower. It’s here, standing under the warm water while looking out toward the thick timber and mountain views — where the only creature that’s likely to catch a peek is a wandering deer, moose, or elk — that he can truly relax and appreciate this newfound life.

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" The effort and commitment the PRG Group has demonstrated is courageous and exciting… Safety needs to be a priority and a commitment in the construction industry, and it is very difficult to change the culture within an organization/industry, unless having 100% dedication, effort, and continuously improving safety awareness to all parties involved on a project. Based on several data factors, programs, leading by example, and leadership support, PRG Group has demonstrated that Safety is a priority within their organization and will continue to improve and bring a strong Safety Culture to their projects. "

Jess Dawson - Director of Construction

Yellowstone Development

" Working with The PRG Group and seeing them strive to improve in all things safety has not only improved the way our team functions on their jobs, but it has helped improve our safety culture across all aspects of our business. The PRG team has taken the time to educate, explain and provide feedback so that a high-quality safety standard isn’t an unobtainable goal, it is an awareness that sets our team and those around us up for success. "

David Dexter - CEO

Cornerstone Management Systems

" Cornerstone Management Services (CMS) has been a subcontractor operating through PRG for over 12-years. Though I am aware of numerous safety related improvements PRG has made for their internal team, I greatly appreciate the enormous outreach and support PRG has offered CMS and further detail how PRG, and more specifically, Chris Anderson, PRG Safety Director, goes above and beyond for their network of subcontractors. PRG has not only committed themselves to safety excellence within the workplace, but has helped their network, community, and industry with thorough safety related outreach and education thus creating a culture of safety which will echo throughout the Gallatin and Madison County for years to come. "

Paul A. Williamson - Director of Business Development

Cornerstone Management Services

" PRG implementation of safety and compliance on job sites is of the best I have seen. They regularly keep all crews on task with regular safety meetings and theirTake 5 initiative helps head off trouble before it has a chance. Signage and compliance checks are always present and up to date. Really appreciate a company that cares for all people on their job sites! "

Cory Mowder - Project Manager

Lone Mountain Land Company