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At the backbone of our work is one constant question, “What’s the right thing to do for our client?” This basis is how we approach everything. It is the question that has led us to create and deliver a business we’re very proud of.

At PRG, that means running a company that operates like a well-oiled machine; delivering projects to you on-time and on-budget. Our Project Managers are not stuffed in an office, they are primarily based on-site to stay connected to the pulse of the project and ensure the success of your job every single day.

Most of all, this central question is the reason our clients trust us to deliver their project with a sense of urgency, backed by an outstanding standard of quality, that we are never willing to compromise. If you’re looking for a builder who will weigh your best interest before every decision, be completely transparent, and bend over backward to get the job done, you’ve come to the right spot.



Built on Trust

We know trusting anyone with your project is a major investment. Placing your trust in us is not something we take lightly. We would be honored to have the opportunity to handle your building needs.


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Committed to Safety

Winner of the 2022 Governor's Safety Achievement Award

Our award winning safety program continues to evolve as we strive for improvement each and every day. We continue to foster a strong safety culture and a genuine concern for the wellbeing of all those on our sites, employees and trade partners alike. PRG will continue to inspire safety in Montana's residential construction industry.

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" The effort and commitment the PRG Group has demonstrated is courageous and exciting… Safety needs to be a priority and a commitment in the construction industry, and it is very difficult to change the culture within an organization/industry, unless having 100% dedication, effort, and continuously improving safety awareness to all parties involved on a project. Based on several data factors, programs, leading by example, and leadership support, PRG Group has demonstrated that Safety is a priority within their organization and will continue to improve and bring a strong Safety Culture to their projects. "

Jess Dawson - Director of Construction

Yellowstone Development

" Working with The PRG Group and seeing them strive to improve in all things safety has not only improved the way our team functions on their jobs, but it has helped improve our safety culture across all aspects of our business. The PRG team has taken the time to educate, explain and provide feedback so that a high-quality safety standard isn’t an unobtainable goal, it is an awareness that sets our team and those around us up for success. "

David Dexter - CEO

Cornerstone Management Systems

" Cornerstone Management Services (CMS) has been a subcontractor operating through PRG for over 12-years. Though I am aware of numerous safety related improvements PRG has made for their internal team, I greatly appreciate the enormous outreach and support PRG has offered CMS and further detail how PRG, and more specifically, Chris Anderson, PRG Safety Director, goes above and beyond for their network of subcontractors. PRG has not only committed themselves to safety excellence within the workplace, but has helped their network, community, and industry with thorough safety related outreach and education thus creating a culture of safety which will echo throughout the Gallatin and Madison County for years to come. "

Paul A. Williamson - Director of Business Development

Cornerstone Management Services

" PRG implementation of safety and compliance on job sites is of the best I have seen. They regularly keep all crews on task with regular safety meetings and theirTake 5 initiative helps head off trouble before it has a chance. Signage and compliance checks are always present and up to date. Really appreciate a company that cares for all people on their job sites! "

Cory Mowder - Project Manager

Lone Mountain Land Company