Damon Rao

For Damon, getting out of bed every morning is about the opportunity to work with the people he cares about on projects that fascinate and challenge him. He has an immense amount of pride in the projects PRG takes on—the kind of projects that require the ingenuity and skill his team has, to execute them to perfection.

These opportunities provide Damon and his teams the chance to grow personally and assist in the growth of their fellow coworkers. But can you guess what once of his favorite part of these opportunities might be? That they allow Damon and his colleagues to live and raise their families in Montana, with all the benefits of its outdoors, values, and untapped potential.

When it comes to his professional experience, Damon has been nothing if not thorough. While getting his Architectural Engineering degree from the University of Boulder Colorado, he worked in as many fields as he could get his hands on. Whether it was engineering design work, steel fabrication, or residential carpentry labor, Damon was determined to get a grasp of how the various parts of his work together. After college, he stepped right into the luxury residential market as a superintendent working in Vail Valley.

In 2004, work brought Damon to Montana, and just five years later, Damon and Jamy, were inspired to start their own company in the fall of 2009. Since then, he’s led a team to manage dozens of luxury residential fast track projects, ranging from minor renovations to fully custom homes above 12,000 square feet. When Damon is not on-site, he’s spending time with Katrine, his college sweetheart of 19 years. The two can be found soaking up the outdoors and sharing experiences golfing, rafting, and fishing with their three children.