Leadership - PRG Group

Our Staff

Our staff of over 100 has maintained a dedication to the PRG's values while leading an array of challenging projects. These values, based around ethics, efficiency, and experience have been the keys to our success in Montana and the surrounding regions. From unique, custom luxury homes to one-of-a-kind renovations, we’ve had a variety of opportunities to apply our commitment to quality, communication, and excellence in the details over the last 10 years. The results have been an in-depth and pristine process, a focus on our clients, and a dedicated team that believes in the good work they’re doing.


Jamy Patterson
Damon Rao
Dan Gibbons
Andy Clapper
General Manager, PRG Commercial
Jim Heaton
General Manager, United Concrete
Mark Dardis
Director of Construction
Chris Anderson, CSP
Safety & Health Director
Matt Celinski
Director of Operations
Ted Herz
Senior Project Manager
Kevin King
Senior Project Manager
Taylor Pisk
Senior Project Manager
Gavin Porter
Senior Project Manager